Mixtape: Wiz Khalifa – Kush And Orange Juice

Here it is! After much delay without really any explanation why, Wiz Khalifa drops his new mixtape, Kush And Orange Juice. Wiz is easily one of the best doing it right now and has a lot of buzz surrounding him. I really want to see him on his current Deal Or No Deal tour. Anyway, no further delay, download below.

Download: Wiz Khalifa – Kush And Orange Juice (Mixtape) with alternate link

Hit the jump to see the back cover and the tracklist.


  1. he explained it. in the video where he crushed jae millz, he didnt want to drop his tape at the same time as Asher Roth

  2. It was supposed to drop even before that. It was more a reference to the fact that rappers put out release dates and never stay true to it. Not necessarily that it makes me like them less or that it makes them any less legit, but it’s kind of a shitty trend in the game right now to really drag out the process of dropping projects.

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