pairadimeMusic presents: Basic Physics – Nightlife In The Northwoods (Mixtape)

Completely honored and proud to be able to present this mixtape to you all along with my ATX fam Scoremore. I first got wind of Basic Physics when they opened for Chiddy Bang during their Texas invasion stop in Austin. Since then, we were able to bring them to Norman for a show and have been able to develop a relationship with them, so it really is awesome to have such a dope product from some amazing people. Alex and Eric are motivated and genuinely have fun with their mashups. I feel like they do a great job with their selections, and when I got to talk to Alex in Austin a couple weeks ago, he talked a little about their upcoming projects, but it was enough to really let me know how ambitious these guys were and didn’t want to just fade into a scene but to pave their own lane. I promise you that Basic Physics will make some noise this year. There is no question about that. Here’s what they had to say about the tape:

Nightlife in the Northwoods by Basic Physics is here! Nightlife in the Northwoods is a compilation of 15 Basic Physics mashups. When we went to the drawing board to create this mixtape, the first thing we laid down was that this was going to be about quality. We are not a mashup group that releases tracks just for the name behind it. We wanted to produce a mixtape that kept the listener into it 100% of the way, that flows from start to finish.

Shout out to Sascha for putting me on game to these dudes and I highly recommend you all checking this out. Should pretty much cover the anthems you’ll need to rage your way through the spring into summer.

Download: Basic Physics – Nightlife In The Northwoods


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