[Album] Pairadime Music Presents: Dr. Digital

Really proud to be bringing you guys this one. We were lucky enough to be there for Purple Mouth Bandits’ first show ever, and have been riding with the dudes ever since. When we first met the homie Ryan he was only 19 and barely old enough to get into the spots he was performing at… Today Ryan celebrates his 21st birthday by releasing his solo debut, Dr. Digital, which you really won’t want to miss. The project boasts beast-like production from Big Eazy, StarrForce, and Dr. Digital himself, as well as some dope features from the Q-Squad (Myke Brown, N-Dex, Wildcat, Methotrexate, & Roosh Williams to name a few). There’s really not enough words to describe how excited we are for the guy, so why don’t you just download the album and let the music speak for itself… And if you still haven’t watched the music video for “Skid Mark”, GET ON THAT NOW. Stream a few of our favorites after the jump!

Download: @PMBDBLR – Dr. Digital


“Nebuchadnezzar” ft. Methotrexate
“Summer Time”http://soundowl.com/track/2yu8/double-r-summer-time
“Walt Whitman” ft. Randi Garza
“Wassup Jimma” ft. Myke Brown, N-Dex, & Roosh Williams

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