Pairadime Presents: SXSW 2012 Photo Blog & SXNK Recap Video

Well, well, well… It’s been a hell of a week since our adventures at SXSW and after finally processing all the crazy experiences we all had, we’re here to try and break it down for you. Check out the amazing video of our SXNK Showcase that we did on Thursday that was shot by the incredibly talented Jimi Wonder. The dude just nailed it. Be sure and check out our full recap of the weekend AFTER THE JUMP!

Tuesday, March 13: The Arrival

GRAYI rode down to the always-weird ATX with Danjamin, Josh Sallee, Blev, and our boy Shawn. We immediately got into town and I had them drop me off at Speakeasy just in time to see Roosh Williams performing the tail end of his set for his first SXSW Showcase where he was rocking the always fresh GRP FLY.

After his performance, Roosh and I went back to the place we were staying to get our minds right and regroup before we went out to the SXSW Buffalo Lounge to see Josh Sallee shut it down. Josh had his drummer on board for the set and absolutely rocked it.

Once Josh finished up, we raged with all of the Oklahomies we saw on 6th St. that night and even brought it back to our place once everywhere started to shut down. It was awesome to see two dudes we’ve worked hard with get to perform at SXSW for the first time at set the tone for the week.

Wednesday, March 14: The Warm Up

The next day, I woke up and went immediately to Nice Kicks to do a brief walk through of where we would be having our SXNK Showcase. Shout out to Matt & Allison, and Peter of Nice Kicks for being extremely helpful and accommodating all week. This is what the layout of the spot looked like before Lyall (Who was a HUGE part in the showcase’s success) and I revamped it a bit.

There happened to be a Torchy’s Tacos about four doors down from Nice Kicks, so it was only proper that I touched the city in the correct fashion. Linked up with Josh and the entire PD Crew (sans Cao x Sam because they were holding down OKC that Wednesday with the Archnemesis with Robotic Pirate Monkey Show at Nova) there and we went back to the house to check out the amazing shirts we had Society Original Products cook up for us for the SXNK Showcase before our first crazy night began.

SEAN: I drove down Wednesday morning with the man, the myth, the legend: Steve Carpenter. The drive was very eventful but that’s a story for another time. We arrived at the PDSXSW Compound for a quick gathering before hitting the town. I headed to Belmont for the 2Chainz show (which is the one show Kanye did that week and I left 45 minutes before he came on. Let’s never speak of it again) to link with Lowkey for our next days showcase before I had to be at the Hype Machine Hype Hotel. After that I linked back up with Gray and we headed to the Omni hotel to “get our minds right” with Mac Miller and the Most Dope Crew which is always an interesting experience. We headed back to 6th street to gather the crew and decide the next move. This is where things get very interesting. Gray gets a tweet about a pop-up show with Diplo and Just Blaze that is about to happen. He heads to rally the troops and I sprint to Six Lounge to catch my first real show of the week. I walk right in as Just Blaze is set to perform. He absolutely crushed it for a full hour and a half. Check this quick snippet of “Show Me What You’ve Got”

I walked out of Six Lounge just in time to “get my mind right” with Diplo and DJA from Mad Decent outside of Six Lounge in the middle of a crowded sidewalk. Austin was kept very weird that night.

GRAY: I initially went out with Dan, Lyall, and Swynn to go to The Belmont for SOB’s 30th Anniversary Party. Lyall, Dan, and I went to the Welcome To Texas Showcase presented by the great people over at SF2. I personally went there to check out the League Of Extraordinary Gz and the homie Doughbeezy shut it down.

This is when I got the text to go meet up with the Most Dope Crew and Swynn. After that went down, I gave Swynndiggalo the wonderful tip to hit Six Lounge for the Diplo and Just Blaze set. Once he jetted to that and after meeting with the PD Crew on 6th, I grabbed Josh & Roosh to go kick it with Emilio Rojas’ team. Easily some of my favorite people we linked with all week and definitely made me look forward to our showcase even more for the next day. I finally made it back to my car around 4 a.m. to find an exhausted but completely hyped-about-the-day Swynn sitting on the curb. We took the extra long scenic route back to the crib (Word of advice: ALWAYS switch your iPhone’s map settings from the walking route back to the driving route when you get back in the car or you will take the extra long scenic route every.single.time). Finally got back to the crib and had to pass out before attempting to make it back to Nice Kicks at 8:30 a.m. for the Shade 45 broadcast… Oh yeah, that happened.

Thursday, March 15: Gameday

GRAY: Woke up utterly stoked for the entire day. I loaded my car up with the boxes of T-Shirts we had, put “Hookers At The Point” on repeat, and headed over to Nice Kicks where Sway & Devi Dev were broadcasting for Shade 45. 2Chainz and Mystikal amongst others came through. Mystikal was smart and picked him up one of our SXNK T-Shirts which were available in the Nice Kicks store and up at the showcase on the roof.

SAM: By the time yung Caowabunga and I rolled into Austin, our tanks were on E (literally and figuratively), but thanks to the always clutch Torchy’s Tacos, we were back in the game and ready to get the party started. By 3pm, the rooftop was packed with a hundred or so hip-hop aficionados and sneakerheads (peep the Durant jersey/ Longhorn hat combo… not something you see too much of in Oklahoma)

GRAY: Lyall and I spent pretty much every minute of that morning before the show removing all the furniture off of the roof and going to get the beer for everyone to enjoy for free of course. The PD crew rolled up and then the homies from Crazyboy Status shortly after. 2:00 rolled around and we got the homie Lowkey equipped with some Ciroc early for his hosting duties and the main dude Thelonius Martin set up on the decks to kick things off.

I was honestly running around making sure everyone was having a good time and the show was running smoothly. As The DJ Booth, The Source, & BET were all showing up, we had BrainGang Blue, who is the main homie from Dallas and the producer of Kendrick Lamar’s “Pussy & Patron 1.5”, open the show up. We couldn’t have had a better guy start the show off. Not afraid of being himself and just killed it with his energy. Shout out to his manager and my dude, Rico.

The next slew of MCs up on the stage were Shane Eli (Who I am personally very impressed with for having seen him for the first time), Uzoy (Like the Gun!), Scolla, June, and the dude from KC, Gee Watts. They weren’t near as known by the collective crowd, but each artist I just mentioned had their faction of die hard fans there that showed some crazy support. It was really dope to me to see people travel from Kansas City and Houston and all over the place to gather there to support some up and coming true talent.

By this time, the rooftop was filling up with a few hundred people and anxious for the spot to pop off. Enter: Josh Sallee. My dude shut it down and got the crowd amped. He represented Oklahoma so well and definitely left an impression on many of the HipHop Heads out there. He was the perfect person to crack the crowd right before XV came in wearing masks from The Dark Knight and shut the roof down.

The beer was in heavy flow, girls continued to pour in out of nowhere, and the crowd was live. It’s safe to say at this point, the party was popping. And then… There was Doughbeezy. If you’re unfamiliar with Doughbeezy, change that. My dude Roosh put me on game to him LAST year at SXSW, so I knew what was about to go down. He effectively moved the stage to the poolside and he had Killa Kyleon jump on his set as well to go right into his own. This was easily one of the highlights of the showcase.

That amazing set was followed by some dope MCs you’ll definitely recognize like STS, Rockie Fresh, and Shawn Chrystopher. What an incredible lineup of artists to transition into our final hour. Emilio Rojas kicked off that hour. I walked away from SXSW a bigger fan of Emilio Rojas than I had gone there as. Especially after seeing him perform. He is just such a spitter and a positive guy. Just inspiring all the way around. He’s surrounded by good people as well… Shout out to Jonathan.

N-Dex followed Emilio and drew quite a bit of interest from everyone around the pool area. He got the energy back that Doughbeezy and Killa had brought a couple hours before. N-Dex had love from OKC, Houston, ATX, and everything in between when he took the stage. He even pulled Roosh up for their song “Woke Up” which was received incredibly well by the crowd.

Did we mention Taylor Gang was in the building? How silly of me. Chevy Woods performed in front of his big bro Wiz Khalifa and all of TG.

It was right around this time that the homies Kev and Chip Tha Ripper came through and kicked it for the rest of the day. Needless to say, it was ridiculous.

Even GURU showed up to support the movement:

Only had two performers left at this point. The headliner Action Bronson and my dude, UT Austin grad Roosh Williams. Roosh had a solid crowd there that knew him from all the shows he has performed in Austin over the past year and a half. He opened his set up acapella to a crowd that you could almost hear thinking “What the hell is a Roosh?”… Their question was quickly answered as he commanded the crowd within about 17 seconds and got his set popping. He got everybody amped back up and into the showcase that had already surpassed everyone in attendance’s expectations.

And then… Action Bronson. Bronsellini. Bam Bam Bronson. The man just is treacherous on the mic and slayed the crowd. Sam caught some of the coolest moments of the entire week when Bronson walked in, so I’ll let him explain best. Shout out to the family Dante Ross for holding us down.

Sam: I did my best to stay awake while waiting for Action Bronson, the artist I was most excited to see perform that day. When he finally arrived, no one even seemed to notice- everyone was too busy losing their minds over the fact that Wiz had decided to come through to catch Chevy Woods’ set- but I noticed. I was standing by the merch table, with Wiz to my left, when Bronson approached him from my right. I knew something epic was about to happen so I pulled my phone out and waited. No bullshit, this is what happened next:

After this they could have shut the showcase down and it would have been a success just based on this one picture… but Bronsolinio was up next, and absolutely killed it.

He even had RiFF RaFF bring the rice out one good time for their first ever performance of “Bird On A Wire” which you might’ve already seen the footage of earlier this week:

SEAN: Our showcase day was started by a text from Will (Wiz Khalifa’s Tour Manager and best friend) asking “yo can we smoke up there?.” Gray and myself have known since Chevy was booked that Wiz was going to come through and show us and him love. However due to the overshadowing nature his name (Chevy deserved the attention because he’s a great artist and all of TG making that a priority is refreshing) tends to have we were forbidden to mention it (hardest thing I ever had to do in my life as the biggest Wiz fan ever), but once I saw that text I knew that things were really about to get turned up. After grabbing the necessary provisions the next 7 hours was really just the entire crew running around and making sure everything was running smoothly which it absolutely did. I was only able to have sufficient battery while catching XV’s set

Immediately after this I went down to the Nice Kicks store and grabbed Chevy, Will and the rest of the crew (Will is really not only someone I respect and look up to, but a good ass friend for everything he did last week). Wiz waited in the van to finish eating his burger king (couldn’t make that up). Wiz walks in to an enormous amount of fanfare of course and also carrying about a hundred dollars worth of Burger King in one of those huge BK paper bags with the handle jumpoffs (again..couldn’t make this up). I take Bonics to get set up while Wiz proceeded to smoke on the balcony with at least 70 people (fans and artists ). Interesting sidebar: When Wiz says “God Damn…..I’m Rich As Fuck” on ‘O.N.I.F.C.’ it’s a true ass statement and it’s absolutely awesome because he’s one of the more genuine people I’ve met in the music industry and unlike some other artists I met before they became international superstars he has not changed one bit in the two years I’ve known him and still treats me the same. As I walked them out Will told us to “keep it up” so I absolutely mentally checked out at that point. Sidebar:Oh yea, there exists no worse feeling than going to the gas station down the street to purchase 9 boxes of swisher sweets as an Austin Police Officer stands behind you. Kept Austin so weird.

SAM: After the showcase, we decided to head back to the crib and crash. HARD. We didn’t wake up until about 9pm, when it was time to meet up with the crew for an amazing meal at Kerbey’s Cafe. Definitely recommend hitting that place up next time you’re in Austin… The Cowboy Queso is excellent. After dinner we rolled to Beauty Ballroom with Swynn & Jimi Wonder for the Fools Gold showcase to see A-Trak, Danny Brown, Just Blaze, Mr. Mothaf*ckin Exquire, Party Supplies, Flosstradamus, and more. We arrived just as Just Blaze was about to take the stage.

SEAN: Danny Brown hit me up after our showcase and told me to come check out his last show at the Fool’s Gold party before the team headed back to Detroit. I get to the show and catch the last few minutes of eXquire’s set before heading backstage to “get my mind right” with Danny Brown (take note of the fact that he’s completely clothed before the show)

Sam can more adequately tell you about the amazingness of his performance as I was not only about 7 sticks of “get your mind rightness” deep, but I remained backstage for a decent portion of his set. However, he absolutely killed and was definitely my second favorite performance of the weekend. He is one of those performers who absolutely gives 300 percent to his performances and he was absolutely gassed after killing it. Threw off his Jeremy Scott hoody and Black Scale hat like they were from Wal-Mart (wanted to take them SO bad)

SAM: Next up was Danny Brown, who I was fuggin’ stoked to finally see perform live. His 2011 album XXX had me completely hyped on the guy, and his set blew away my expectations. He’s definitely the most original dude doing it right now. Here’s the video I got of him closing out his set with “Monopoly” & “Blunt After Blunt”. After this, there was nothing left to do but comatose for the next 16 hours.

SEAN: Danny Brown, A-Trak, Meka (Danny’s manager), and three sexy groupies continued to give new meaning to Danny’s song “Blunt After Blunt” backstage for the next thirty minutes. I got some first hand insight into why certain people made the XXL freshman list and why others didn’t and other awesomeness I’ll save for a later date. I left backstage to meet up with that man Steve and we headed back to the compound to pass out. Little did I know Friday was about to change the game forever.

Day 4: The Weekend Begins

Gray: I woke up relatively early to go up to Nice Kicks and follow up with the great crew we got to work with and finish cleaning up a bit. I got back to the house around 1 and knew that the party was on that weekend. It was great to finally be at SXSW without an illness (I was deathly sick last year) and without any more obligations. I got to be a fan again. However, all the work that had been put in that week finally caught up to me and I had to have an afternoon nap before I hit N-Dex’s show at Beso Cantina. I know the crew had a pretty crazy day so I’ll let Sam and Sean elaborate on that…

SAM: I woke up on Friday feeling like a new man, so Cao and I met up with our homie Danny and walked 3 miles to Emo’s East to catch the SMOG showcase with 12th Planet, Flinch, Skream, & Benga. I had the pleasure of talking with 12th Planet a few times over the course of the weekend. Nothing but love for the dude

We quickly realized that dubstep during the day was pretty much the worst thing in the world, so we were off to 6th Street to meet up with the rest of the crew before heading over to catch Dex’s show. In the process, we ended up running into Cao’s dream girl, Alysha Nett:

SEAN: Man. I still am mentally recovering from Friday in all honesty. I got a very late start, but it ended up not mattering. After an exceptional meal at Fado with part of the crew (Myke, Dan, Baylor, Du-Rag, Steve, Emilio, and Shawn) I got a text from my man Dame telling me to come to Austin Music Hall for the Shady Showcase and it was a wrap. This was the showcase to be at this year and getting in was impossible even if you had wristbands or badges so shouts to Dame and OnSmash for taking care of me. Dame and the lovely Karen Civil met me out front and the best night of my life was under way. Shouts to Karen Civil for waiting in line like a common person though.

My phone battery was not going to let me be great so after chilling backstage with various crews and rappers (Eminem, 50 Cent, Slaughterhouse, A$AP Mob, K.R.I.T., Action Bronson, Theophilus, and more. It was wild) my phone died and I wasn’t about to allow that. I started walking through Austin and looking for an iPhone charger. I randomly ran into the whole crew outside of a Pac Div show and informed them of my whereabouts before hitting CVS and getting that generic charger game on lock. I returned to the Shady Showcase and told the merch vendor “I have Eminem’s phone and there are no outlets backstage, please charge this” and I was set for the rest of the night. But check the sponsors? Ciroc and Magnum Condoms? They knew what they were doing.

Ciroc and Brisk created several different cocktails like “Slaughter Water” and “Shady Tea” but the most important thing? I was living that open bar life so shit was going to get increasingly real throughout the night. I went out into the crowd and caught the end of Slaughterhouse and “got my mind right” before the world was about to change. 50 Cent was about to perform Get Rich Or Die Trying for the first time ever….I couldn’t contain my excitement. If you follow me on twitter you are well aware already. I also saw Eminem chilling backstage so I knew he was performing with 50 unlike everyone else which made my excitement increase tenfold. He comes out to “What Up Gangsta” and I definitely lost my mind. Literally. Shortly after “Patiently Waiting” comes on and Eminem rises up from under the stage and it was a wrap for me. I could have died right there.

Then Roosh hits me up that he was able to get in so I run and find him and we “get our minds right” with Young Gliss and head back down into the crowd. Get Rich Or Die Trying for people my age defines the ages of 12-14. 50 Cent said he was the hardest rapper of the new millenium and although his output post-Massacre hasn’t been the greatest…I think he’s entirely correct. His album sold 13 million copies ya’ll gotta let that man cook.

That picture sums up everything I wanted as a teenager. Eminem and 50 Cent were demigods and seeing them both kill it on one stage was one of my top 3 concert experiences of all time, but the show was over, and the night was young.

GRAY: Dex’s show was an incredible time that night because we had about 30 people all roll out strictly for him. When the venue tried to cut his time off, there was a huge chant for him to stay on.

SAM: WHOA WHOA! Dex basically shut the venue down, so we were back on the streets of Austin once again… we even ran into my homegirl Beth rocking her South By Nice Kicks Tee! This girl absolutely holds down the music scene in Dallas

GRAY: As soon as Dex’s set was over we all left that place and went our different ways. The camp I was with went to Suite 101 to catch Troy Ave, Pac Div, and Ab-Soul. Got to meet up with the homie Dave Free and congratulate him and TDE on all their success. Meka from 2dopeboyz absolutely shut the place down DJing though. He started planking when “Gotta Have It” from Watch The Throne came on. Just an incredibly fun time and a perfect way to usher in the homie Ivan’s birthday.

Ivan, who was crucial to helping with the SXNK Showcase, locking his bike up early knowing full well that the night ahead of him would be a touch blurry.

We made it back to the house after a full hour search for my car and crashed out from a long day.

SAM: My Friday night, however, was far from over at that point. We headed over to the Firehouse to catch our good friends of Crystal Vision’s set, but left a few minutes in after getting a text from Oprah Swynnfrey letting us know about a private MySpace party with an open bar & Theophilus London on the 1s and 2s. We got there just as Dillon Francis was breaking down his equipment:

You really can’t go wrong with an open bar, and it wasn’t long before the 4 of us were turn’t up to 11… Sean was at about a 15:

We ended up staying until about 2am. Theophilus really killed it that night, and he wasn’t even performing. It’s amazing how his stage presence just commands an audience of any size.

Cao even ran into the legendary Bobby Hundreds that night!

SEAN: I checked my phone and saw my girl Ash (director of marketing at The Hundreds) hit me and told me to come check out Theophilus London at their event with Broke Mogul and Myspace. I essentially ran there and the open bar theme continued and I turned up to maximum volume (Sam and Cao will attest). I hit the crew and told them to check it out and I’d get them in (There weren’t tickets, badges, or anything, TL was performing upstairs for about 45 people). Sam, Cao, and Jimmy rolled in and we got ready to rage. I was at the front rocking with TL’s dj set the entire night and even put him on game by rapping every word to “Hands On The Wheel” by ScHoolboy Q. He didn’t know I was about that life. Shouts to this big booty white girl for taking the hat off (was ruined an hour later at Skrillex anyway) my head and jumping on stage.

TL was only slated for a DJ set but the crowd energy prompted him to take the mic and actually perform “Big Spender” (aka audio fire).

He got back to his laptop and displayed a truly exceptional taste in music (I’m a music snob and even I had no qualms with one selection) for the next 30 minutes

At this point, after probably 35 drinks in the past 4 hours between Shady and TL (FO FREE HEAUX) I officially browned out. Sammiches and I touched a Skrillex show and I became softened on my position regarding brostep. It’s the new heavy metal….while I don’t like the stuff at all, I can’t help but respect the grind of doing 280 shows a year and never doing the same set. I went from brown out to black out and I only remember waking up the next morning…SXSW is not for the weak.

SAM: After Theophilus is where things got a little hazy. Cao and Jimmy had decided to go home and get some rest for Saturday, which turned out being one of the biggest mistakes of 2012 so far. After Theophilus I got a text from Beth about a secret Skrillex/12th Planet show going on down the street at Republic. I guess blogging has its perks, because a few minutes later we were all up inside that place, ready to get weird.

Highlight of the show was seeing 12th Planet wearing his ‘We Trippy Mane’ shirt (he  came straight to the venue from Juicy J’s show). I made it back to our pad at 6:30 am that morning. Totally worth it. I could have slept for 3 days at that point but there’s no time for rest at SXSW…

Day 5: SXSaturday

Gray: We all woke up with absolutely no rush to do anything, so we got our minds right and headed out. Dan and I linked up with Roosh to go catch Emilio Rojas perform and got to meet Laws and see him perform as well. It was a really dope time.

SAM: I woke up on Saturday in the late afternoon and immediately went to pick up Sean, and we headed straight to Wahoo’s and enjoyed some absolutely CHRONIC fish tacos and shrimp enchiladas:

We decided to walk the rest of the way to 6th street to work off that ridiculous lunch, and after hiking for a few miles (I have to add here that Sean straight up assaulted some old lady during a botched high-five attempt walking up Congress… and ma’am, if you’re somehow reading this, please don’t press charges) we were finally at the Thrasher party to see Theophilus for a second time, and The Cool Kids. Theo even brought out the lovely Solange Knowles  for a performance of their single, “Flying Overseas”

Up next were the Cool Kids, who always seem to demonstrate that it’s not just a clever name. Chuck was definitely on one that day:

We hung around for a little bit afterwards to shoot the shit with our main dude Jimi Wonder, whom we hardly got to see all weekend. After this, the move was to EMO’S East, to catch A$AP Mob and yet another ‘Secret Guest’.

BAYLOR: During the day on Saturday (March 17) Josh, Dustin, Myke, Emilio, Blev and I all went to try and catch A$AP Rocky at the 1100 Warehouse because we had some free time. After being roughly thirty minutes late, the A$AP Mob showed up with a whole crew. There was a bunch of crowd surfing, from both the fans and the mob, and boxed water throwing as that’s who was sponsoring. The Warehouse was right across from the Fader Fort so we got to hear the end of Rittz’s set. Outside we were hanging around and saw the 3 Little Digs, so Blev and Josh were able to catch up with them a bit. All this extra lingering paid off; Chuck Inglish came up and chatted it up a bit after leaving the Fader show. A$AP and crew were finally leaving their venue, giving Emilio the perfect chance to walk between them all to tell Flacko how “Trill” he was and what not. Couple people in the group took some pictures with Iggy Azalea, and then we headed back to 6th to celebrate St. Patricks Day some more.

GRAY: While all that was going down, Dan wasn’t feeling so hot where I was at, so we ran back to the crib. I fell asleep and woke up and realized the RedBull Event was about to start and I had VIP passes. I called Baylor and told him to take some people and we would meet up with them later.

SEAN: First off, to the blonde beauty chilling backstage at Emo’s East named Staci, if you’re reading this: I love you. Let’s get married. (Also shouts to Carly for being the trillest miss ever, but your friend with the jew fro ruined everything and you know that). As Sam told you, we got to Emo’s east just in time to catch some struggle acts before Andrew W.K. and A$AP Mob. I turned up as much as I could and swagged out Sam and Cao (and Carly and the fat chick with the jew fro). Zeds Dead’s manager, Nathan Williams (frontman of Wavves), Sam, Cao, and myself consumed about three sticks of “get your mind rightness” over a 30 minute period of time before A$AP Mob took the stage. I had a lot of conversations over the week with some pretty awesome people but none…none come close to chatting up Wavves. It’s refreshing to see an indie artist with such a genuine appreciation of all genres and a deep hatred for dubstep. We kicked it again for a short period at the Hype Hotel later that night. A$AP took the stage and things ended up getting weird but it’s not for the internet(Like dinner with your girlfriend’s parents after “getting your mind right” weird. Not the awesome weird that the Workaholics are about).

We left to head to Red Bull and I headed to Hype Hotel to catch Wavves set and get more wasted and my mind “more right” with that dude Wavves. After meeting up with the crew on the corner of 8th and Trinity and one very awkward situation (Caroline you’re my boo forever) later I was comfortably passed out back at the compound.

BAYLOR: Being that Saturday was St. Patrick’s Day there was already a good vibe in the air, and considering it was a majority of people’s last night at SX, needless to say, people were ready to rage. About 10:45 we headed to the Red Bull/Thre3Style party and thanks to the Red Bull rep, we were able to skip the line wrapped around the corner and walk right in to the VIP. Everything was free and the people were great. In front of us were thousands of people wrecked off Vodka/Red Bulls and in trances watching the performers. DJ Jazzy Jeff was playing when we got there and held a tribute to J Dilla. ?uestlove came out to throw it down a little and then it was The Crystal Method’s turn. Erykah Badu came out with The Cannabinoids, and was able to capture the attention of the bombed audience, who was starting to grow restless. Nas came out to a huge ovation when he was finally revealed as the special guest, but was shortly kicked off after a couple songs. He would later tweet that they were kicked off due to “curfew”.

Meanwhile over at Emo’s the secret guest was revealed as none other than 12th Planet. By this point I should have been sick of seeing him everywhere I went, but John is the homie, so I was amped to see him for the 3rd time that weekend. I stuck around with Cao and watched as much as we could of the set before our fish taco withdrawals started to kick in, but before long we were out roving the streets for those tacos like zombies in search of human flesh. About half a dozen fried catfish taquizas later, we were ready to call it a weekend, and headed back to the house to catch some Z’s before bouncing town at around 7am. I’ll just leave you with one picture to sum up the craziness of the whole weekend:

GRAY: That’s a rather dope shirt that Nas has on up there… The Redbull/Thre3style show absolutely raged, so it ended up being wonderful that Dan and I came later than we had planned to so we could gather everyone up. Ended back up at Kerbey Lane for one more regroup dinner before hitting the road in the morning.

It was an amazing week; we all walked away from it having met some amazing people and seeing some incredible shows. I don’t think any festival compares to the atmosphere of SXSW… I really look forward to what we will have in store for everyone next year. Everyone at PD appreciates all the support that has led to us being able to do these amazing things and look to bring nothing but an even better experience to you all every time we set out to do something.

Thank you guys so much for loving the music as much as we do
-by Gray, Sean, Sam, & Baylor


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