Pairadime Music Presents: Mon – What It Is x For You x Southern Hospitality

This is a post I’ve meant to put up for a couple weeks in all honesty. Being on tour with Josh Sallee, Roosh Williams, and Emilio Rojas took me away from some new music I wanted to get up and then another week went by with it totally slipping my mind. With that said, I’m very pleased to introduce an Oklahoma MC by the name of Mon (pronounced Moan). Mon is only 20 and splits his time between work, school, and music with his main focus as of late being shifted towards music (I can’t really blame him). I had reached out to him on Twitter to send a few tracks over and I immediately was impressed with his charisma and command of the records he was on. His voice reminds me of Chiddy from Chiddy Bang and he exhibits a few different flows which is always great to notice in an up and coming artist. The “What It Is” track is produced by Shaghie and “For You” production credits go to Jay B Beats. This is not the only material from Mon. He went over a few beats and put a little demo together that was recorded in 7 days (which also happens to be the title of the demo). You can check that out here.

One thing that stands out is his ability to play with different melodies and carry a tune. It’s very obviously early in his career but I think dude exhibits a ton of promise and I look forward to working with him in the future. I think he displays the ability to make music that resonates with a wide variety of people. Below are three tracks that are a good introduction to Mon and what he can do. Make sure to keep up with him on Twitter and let him know what you think.

“What It Is”

“For You”

I actually really dig his “Southern Hospitality” track (Devil In A New Dress freestyle) so check that out here as well.

Okay that should be a nice little introductory course to our dude Mon. Look out for more from him in the near future and remember where you heard dude first. Looking forward to seeing the progression he makes and where it goes for him.


New music under here for the rest of the day so everyone can get a chance to get familiar with Mon.

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