Mixtape: DJ View – Snapback Trax III

The homie DJ View has put a lot of work into his 3rd rendition of his Snapback Trax series. You may recognize View from some shows we’ve thrown, DJing for Dex, and many other ventures he takes part in all over the state. He’s a great dude with extreme amounts of talent topped off with relentless work ethic. Somewhere, someone wrote that down as a recipe for success and View is following it. You’ll recognize some really dope local artists on here like our dudes Josh Sallee and Dex, Zone, Jabee, Beetyman, Dewey Binns, and more along with some of the dopest tracks you need to have in your iTunes from artists like Kendrick Lamar, Casey Veggies, Tyga, and others. Make sure to keep up with DJ View and his progression and keep supporting local talent. Get the tape below.

DOWNLOAD: DJ View – Snapback Trax III


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