Pairadime Music Presents: Roosh Williams – Roo God Flow

Don’t call it a comeback.

Let me be the first to welcome you to the premiere of Roosh Willy Wednesdays from our boy Roosh Williams. Many members of his loyal fan base have been asking him or us when new material was dropping as well as when and where they could expect some new new from that boy Roo. The answer is now, here, and often. Roosh has been, for lack of a better cliche, on his grind lately in Houston doing shows, touring with Emilio Rojas, crafting the next project, gathering features, and all sorts of other things that go into really trying to progress as an artist. I know how anxious he’s been to drop some new material and how happy he is that RWW is finally here. What is RWW you ask? Well, Roosh is going to be either dropping a video or song every Wednesday/every other Wednesday to build up to his next project. Today he felt like dropping a video with the song to kick off RWW correctly. You’d be hard pressed to find someone hungrier in this rap game than Roosh and I think you’ll be able to tell that from the content.

For the first installment, Roosh decided to go over Kanye x Pusha’s “New God Flow” and give it the proper Roosh W. treatment. He doesn’t sound like many artists out there and with that compounded on his innate skill to rap and personality exuding through his rhymes, there are few that compete with him at this level. I’m really proud of where he’s come and looking forward to where he’s going to go. Check the lyrics at RapGenius for those that get a chance. Keep checking back here every Wednesday for some of that new Roo.
DOWNLOAD: Roosh Williams – Roo God Flow


New music under here for the day… But I’m sure you knew that.

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