Pairadime Music Radio Episode 1 (8/5/12)

Here is the very first episode ever of Pairadime Music Radio on The Spy FM hosted by Gray, Ryan Drake, x Dan (who wasn’t in studio with us this week, but will be as soon as he’s back from NYC). We will be on air every Sunday at 10:00 p.m. on The Spy FM. Josh Sallee and Blev were our first guests and talked about some upcoming material they have, info about them, and what was going on in HipHop the past week. We will also post the tracklist of the music we play which you can find below. We also premiered a new Josh Sallee and Myke Brown track. Thanks to everyone who tuned in and we look forward to it every Sunday at 10.

Josh Sallee – Saratoga (prod. Stackz Beatz)
Dex – Lab Rats (prod. Billionaire BoyScoutt)
Neeq ft. Beetyman – Unbelievable (prod. DJ Chips)
Frank Black ft. LTZ – Gift of Gabby (prod. DJ Chips)
Beetyman – Take It There (prod. DJ Chips)
Dewey Binns – The Author (prod. Ronnie Harris)
Mon – Bound To Go (prod. Blev)
Myke Brown x Josh Sallee – Hey I (prod. Blev)

Remember to email edited tracks to for consideration to be played on air.

DOWNLOAD: Pairadime Music Radio Episode 1


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