Pairadime Music Radio Episode 2 (8/12/12)

Episode 2 of Pairadime Music Radio on The Spy FM is available for stream and download below. This week Ryan and I had Vernon from GRP FLY to discuss a few different things. Bay also joined us as Dan is still in NYC until next week. A few things Vernon touched on was the brand he built here in Oklahoma, the growth of the HipHop scene, what brands influenced him, and he even knocked out a freestyle on air (for those that were unaware, Vernon aka OB-One has been an icon in almost every facet of Oklahoma HipHop including rapping, producing, his clothing brand, etc.). Check out the interview as well as the tracks we played out below the Tracklist.

Mon – Bound To Go (prod. Blev)
Neeq ft. Beetyman – Unbelievable (prod. DJ Chips)
Josh Sallee ft. Dewey Binns – Double Barrel (prod. Tyler Reid)
Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools (Drank)
Nas – Daughters
Frank Black ft. L.T.Z. – Gift of Gabby (Prod. DJ Chips)
Beetyman – Just Like You (DJ Chips)

DOWNLOAD: Pairadime Music Episode 2


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