Pairadime Music Radio 8/26/12

Tonight, Pairadime Music Radio airs on FM radio for the first time! We could not be more excited. We have Joe Average in studio with us to talk about his most recent project, Netflix & Chocolate Milk, Oklahoma HipHop, and he joins us on The Rundown. I explain how to win tickets to the Curren$y show coming up on the 30th, and we also will be discussing some upcoming events as well as going over our 2012 Pairadime Rap Fantasy Draft. Tune in at 10 on 91.7 in OKC, 107.5 in Tulsa, and 88.3 in Stillwater. We will post the tracklist and stream/download link after the broadcast. Thanks in advance for everyone who tunes in!

UPDATE: We added the Tracklist below and the rules to our 2012 Rap Fantasy Draft after the jump.


Josh Sallee – Not Following
Beetyman – Take It There
Frank Black ft. L.T.Z. – Gift Of Gabby
The District – So Cold
Mon – Bound To Go
Joe Average – Chasing A Ghost
Myke Brown x Josh Sallee – Hey I
The Strangers – Those Of Us

DOWNLOAD: Pairadime Music Radio 8/26/12



Material Release:
-5 for bad song/feature/video
+5 for it being a good song/feature/video
+10 for standout track/feature/video

Media Coverage:
+5 for major blogs
+10 for television coverage
-5 for cultural indifference
-10 for bad review

Getting a great review/feature by figurehead/magazine +10
Getting put on blast by figurehead -10
Reception & presence on Twitter for the week either +10, 0, or -10.

Overall Buzz: Factoring in the other three categories.
Positive scoring in 2/3 = +5
Positive scoring in 3/3 = +10
Only positive in 1/3 = -5
Going 0/3 = -10

** 8 weeks regular season, 2 weeks playoffs.
** Trades allowed all season, 5 wire pickups allowed.

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