Pairadime Music Radio 9/2/12 (2012 Fantasy Rap Draft)

This episode of Pairadime Music Radio was our Inaugural Fantasy Rap Draft of 2012 on KOSU Radio x The Spy FM. There were 6 teams (Myself, Ryan, Dan, Baylor, Emilio, x Dante) and a total of 5 rounds. It was unbelievably entertaining and we played some amazing music as well from different talent from Houston (Whattup Roosh!) to Tulsa. We got our Team Names from either the Wu Tang Name Generator or the Kanye West Nickname Generator. Here’s what came of it:

Baylor: Franck Balmain
Ryan: Riccardo Mercy-Lago
Dan: Augustine the King Sr.
Emilio: Violent Pupil
Dante: Sarkastik Genius
Gray: Gucci Muller

Below is the tracklist we played this evening and after the stream/download link, you can see how the Draft went down as well as a refresher on the rules. We are having a Big K.R.I.T. ticket giveaway that we mention at the end of the show. So check that out below and be sure to tune in every Sunday at 10:00 p.m. on 91.7 OKC | 107.5 Tulsa | 88.3 Stillwater or


NEEQ – It’s Complicated
ROOSH WILLIAMS – That’s The Truth
DEX – Loud City
BEETYMAN – Take It There
DEWEY BINNS – The Author
MON – Bound To Go

DOWNLOAD: Pairadime Music Radio 9/2/12 (2012 Fantasy Rap Draft)

GrayEffTee… Click for Draft Recap and Rules.


Team: Sarkastik Genius (SG) Pick: Riff Raff
Team: Augustine the King Sr. (AKS) Pick: Kendrick Lamar
Team: Riccardo Mercy-Laggo (RML) Pick: Nas
Team: Gucci Muller (GM) Pick: Drake
Team: Violent Pupil (VP) Pick: Lil Wayne
Team: Franck Balmain (FB) Pick: Kanye

Team: FB Pick: Big Sean
Team: VP Pick: Wiz Khalifa
Team: GM Pick: Kid Cudi
Team: RML Pick: Lupe Fiasco
Team: AKS Pick: ASAP Rocky
Team: SG Pick: Meek Mill

Team: SG Pick: 2 Chainz
Team: AKS Pick: Gunplay
Team: RML Pick: Ludacris
Team: GM Pick: Jay-Z
Team: VP Pick: Birdman
Team: FB Pick: Rick Ross

Team: FB Pick: Waka
Team: VP Pick: Juicy J
Team: GM Pick: Mac Miller
Team: RML Pick: Tiny Tempeh
Team: AKS Pick: J. Cole
Team: SG Pick: DJ Khaled

Team: SG Pick: Dom Kennedy
Team: AKS Pick: Jay Electronica
Team: RML Pick: Childish Gambino
Team: GM Pick: Future
Team: VP Pick: Snoop Lion
Team: FB: Pick: Big K.R.I.T.

There’s the Draft. Let us know who you think had the best team by tweeting us @pairadimemusic and @thespyfm to be win tickets to Big K.R.I.T. in OKC on Oct. 4th. We will announce the winners tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. on our Twitter.

For those that want to start their own league, below is a refresher of the rules. Basically, the league as a collective will review points submitted and agree as admissible or not.

1) Material Release:
-5 for bad song/feature/video
+5 for it being a good song/feature/video
+10 for standout track/feature/video

2) Media Coverage:
+5 for major blogs
+10 for television coverage
-5 for cultural indifference
-10 for bad review

3) Intangibles:
Getting a great review/feature by figurehead/magazine +10
Getting put on blast by figurehead -10
Reception & presence on Twitter for the week either +10, 0, or -10.

4) Overall Buzz: Factoring in the other three categories.
Positive scoring in 2/3 = +5
Positive scoring in 3/3 = +10
Only positive in 1/3 = -5
Going 0/3 = -10

8 week regular season, 2 week playoffs.
Trades allowed all season, 5 wire pickups allowed.

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