Pairadime Music x LoudCousins Present: Dewey Binns x Blev – High Character

Unnnngggghhhhh!!! High Character is finally here. I’ve been anticipating this ever since Dewey told me he was going to do an entire project with Blev. It initially began as an EP they were going to knock out together, but once they got started working together and the chemistry kicked off immediately, they decided to do a full project. Great decision. What we have here is two coming out parties as far as their respective talent is concerned. There’s people checking in here right now that are here for Dewey, Blev, Us, curiosity, or whatever. There’s a lot of times when these particular paths wouldn’t cross over, but now that they are, they force the listener to hear the spectrum of talent in Oklahoma right now.

First of all, we are honored to present this project with our family LoudCousins. Second of all, Dewey is a wonderful rapper, story teller, concept developer and everything in between. He knows how to get you hooked and paying attention from the first syllable to the last. That is just something that needs to be understood right from the beginning. Blev has the propensity to make bangers that have the listener questioning what exactly the hell it was they just heard. What they did here? Man. They Larry Bird vs. Magic Johnson’d the situation but on the same side. What I mean by that is they both brought absolute heat in every aspect and in turn caused the other to raise their game each time. Whether Blev pulls some sample from Narnia or you find yourself wanting all audio books to be read by Dewey Binns, one thing is for sure; this album is something special and will have some lasting power. I think it’s a great connection in the state of Oklahoma as well by linking two very talented individuals repping the Puzzle People and Pairadime. They’re both just monsters, and to see them gel together is a wonderful thing. They make it as effortless as how you’d have wanted LeBron and D-Wade to play together from Day 1; difference is… It’s such a natural fit that took no time to demonstrate each other’s strengths.

It’s laced with 15 incredible beats from Blev, stories from Dewey, and dope features from Wildcat, Dex Owusu (too fly), and Roosh Williams (who goes bar for bar with the wise MC Yoda Binns). If I had to pinpoint what a truly Oklahoman HipHop album sounds like, I would present this. I know that’s a weird concept to consider, but I think the quality of this product is something that everyone here can be proud to share. I highly recommend jamming this immediately. Let Dewey and Blev know what you thought about the project on Twitter. I can honestly say that not one song is a let down on here. I don’t foresee anything coming out of my speakers for the near future aside from Kendrick Lamar and Dewey x Blev’s incredibly project, High Character. I recommend you do the same. Stream and Download it below.

DOWNLOAD: Dewey Binns x Blev – High Character


Early Favorites: “Little People”, “The Dinner Party”, “Handouts”, “Writers Never Die”, x “Can O’ Corn”. New music under here for a bit.


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