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PDMG x LND RNRS Present: Dizzy Wright & Josh Sallee


Linked up with the homies at LND RNRS & Lions Den ENT to bring Dizzy Wright to OKC. Catch the dude Josh Sallee performing as well as Mike TurnUp. Been a minute since we really rocked out and brought someone here, so let’s do it right come May 10th. You know what to do right here –> TICKETS

They’re cheaper now anyway.

See you at the show.

Video: KNOble Savage ft. Frank Black – King

OKC has just had two stellar videos drop in the span of 3 weeks. This one comes from up and comer, KNOble Savage, who is rereleasing his Starvation album as an EP with a few new tracks later this month. This standout single was on the previous version of the project, but it’s every bit as fresh and keeps your head knockin’ while enjoying the stimulating visuals from Lord Van Osdol with the aesthetic provided by Lady McKnight. The track also features one of my favorites around the scene, Frank Black, and shows the two known as Stay Hungry recanting their experiences with and around that pyrex while strolling through a desolate OKC.

Make sure to check out “King”, holler at Knoble, and be on the lookout for the new project later this month. Tracklist and release date should be dropping soon. Also catch Stay Hungry performing at School Of Thought X on March 8th!

Roosh Williams – FoDaFukUvvit (3 New Tracks)

OUTDOOR ROOSHI’ll be damned if it isn’t another Wednesday where Roosh Willigan R. Double Platinum is dropping some music. 3 new tracks to be exact. The first of which, “Outdoors”, brings Kyle Hubbard out of retirement and features Dex Kwasi on the track & the boards. “57 Hoes” is a lovely little ballad that St. Valentine even caught some feelings… Actually it just jams.

Those two can be snagged right here: FoDaFukUvvit
“57 Hoes”

The third features Roosh on a cut off of Trakksounds‘ Intervention 2 called “Dreamers”. He is accompanied by Scotty, Delo, and Worldwide. Trakk of course did the thing with the beat that he tends to do so well. Be on the look out for Intervention 2 from him and more Roosh Willy in the very near future.

DOWNLOAD: Trakksounds – Dreamers ft. Scotty, Roosh Williams, Delo, Worldwide

Rich Quick – May I Say I

Rich Quick is an up and coming MC out of Philly. His MGMT sent over the track to check out and it’s just in time for Valentine’s Day. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but loved the tempo and tone of the song. Rich’s flow is almost understated in his delivery but he clearly has a strong grasp of what he wants the listener to gather from the song. You’ll probably hear this tune on Pairadime Music Radio this Sunday, so get familiar and keep up with him on Twitter.

DOWNLOAD: Rich Quick – May I Say I

Rickie Jacobs – Impossible


Here’s what I know about Rickie Jacobs:
1. He’s from Baltimore
2. He’s got people that I care about and trust their opinions in his corner

Back when we started Pairadime and scoured Twitter for different people and blogs to connect with, I remember seeing his name pop up. At the time, the direction of what we were doing wasn’t 100% clear so I hadn’t posted a ton of new artists. I jammed his music, thought it was cool, and that was that. Fast forward a few years later and I am still seeing the kid’s name pop up but with folks like Reebok and The Stashed. So, I’m thinking man, this guy must have really stepped it up. That’s actually exactly what he did…

On this track, Rickie demonstrates that he feels right at home over the Kanye produced “Impossible” (from 2006) and released this for his fans. There are any number of places to start getting familiar with Rickie, but why not start right now and get ready for his Remember To Smile project that drops in 2 weeks? Yeah, you know that’s the move. Check it out below and make sure to follow the rollout of his release.

DOWNLOAD: Rickie Jacobs – Impossible

Word to Yirka & the rest of the Triangle Offense and the work they’re doing.

Roosh Williams ft. DJ Discipline – Nightmare On Elm Street (Prod. CyFyre)


Been a minute since we posted anything and it’s been a minute since we got some new new from Roosh Williams as well. While we’ll be shifting the posting and look of the website in a slightly different direction, that is something that can be addressed at a different time. What we have here is Roosh’s first offering in 2014 with CyFyre on the boards and DJ Discipline scratching away like Da Vinci brush strokes on this jammer. While this won’t live on Roosh’s upcoming album, you can find it on DJ Discipline’s Audio Vapors that is set to see daylight in March.

This track was recorded after the Arkansas stop on the MidAmerica Monstars tour, and it really serves as a nice reminder that there is only one mission with Roosh, and that’s to make you as familiar as possible with his versatility, skill, and overall prowess as a rapper to be reckoned with not only in Houston, but everywhere. Check out the track below, holler at the guys on Twitter and give them some feed back, you know the drill.

Roosh Williams ft. DJ Discipline – Nightmare On Elm Street (Prod. CyFyre)



WILDCAT BACK! WILDCAT BACK! GOT OKC SCREAMIN THAT WILDCAT BACK! The homie Wildcat just dropped this video shot by DBL R, and I gotta say… It gave me nothing but pure joy to see this guy rapping and having fun again. They’re easily some of the most creative individuals around the state, with Wildcat being a natural star. It reminded me of early PDxPMBxQLAB days. Nothing but love for those guys. That’s a tough level to match. Anyway, enough nostalgia. Enjoy the vid and be on the lookout for more material coming from the dude Wildcat soon.


Video: Johnny Polygon – Purple Mess

Been a minute since we posted something. Will have a post addressing that later and the shift in direction the website will be taking. Aside from that nonsense, the dude Johnny Polygon, Oklahoma’s pride, joy, and demigod rockstar son, sent over the video for “Purple Mess” he wrote and directed. It really made me revisit the song and kind of brought the haunting chants to life a little more for me. It’s off his project The Nothing which should be acquired immediately by yaself.

Johnny is a super talented guy and someone I always enjoy new material and art from. He’s got a cool outlook on life that I get on a certain level, so I’ll always really enjoy his vision to a point. Anyway, enjoy the video.


And as a sidenote, as the site is not updated as much with the frequency of what you had originally come accustomed to, we will get back to the roots of that to a point with a much more personal direction and interactive aspect. Thanks everyone for always supporting us and helping this thing continue to evolve. Now support Johnny and play that video 1000 so it can make some noise or something.

Pairadime Presents: The MidAmerica Monstars Tour


We are extremely proud to announce the first part of a tour we have been working on putting together for some time now. The tour includes some talent from around the region, the middle of the map so to speak, and in my opinion, the complete new wave of talent to look out for. The tour includes: Alex Wiley, Josh Sallee, Roosh Williams, and Pell. Some more dates are currently being added, if you know anyone in a city near these that wants this show to come there and rock with them, hit Now… The guys. This tour. What’s it all about? We collected four of the dopest MCs around the middle of the map; guys who have as much talent as anyone in the top 25 of any list regarding HipHop, and we turned them into monsters. Well, MonStars, actually. And who doesn’t rock with Space Jam? That’s right, nobody. This is going to be an incredibly fun tour that will present an eclectic, high energy show every night and give you a chance to check the new wave before anyone else even sees it coming. Who are they? Some you’ll recognize, some you won’t, but right here is going to be a nice condensed version of the dopeness you’ll be seeing in the upcoming cities if you just keep reading… Continue reading

Video: James Blake ft. Chance The Rapper – Life Round Here

Chance The Rapper has been everywhere collaborating with everyone, including one of my favorite artists ever, James Blake.This is the visual treatment they put together for their track “Life Round Here”. The black and white works extremely well with the setting they chose to drive around and view the life ’round there. This is one of my favorite tracks of the year and seeing as how it was raining like crazy this morning, this video seemingly couldn’t have come at a better time to serve a little slice of ambience. Enjoy.