Catching Up

There are loyal people who check this site every single day just out of support of our movement that they’ve kept up with for years; this letter is to you and to everyone who has kept up with and supported us to this point. If you’ve noticed, we haven’t updated at the frequency we began this website with. To be perfectly honest, it began as an outlet to stumble our way around what we knew we were passionate about until a clear vision began to take place. The journey along to that clarity is something that has been an unbelievably rewarding experience where we’ve been to places we never thought we would go, met people we never thought we’d meet, be a part of some truly culturally impactful moments here and there, and have fun while we’re doing it. We’ve always tried to keep it as much of a family here as we possibly can, and that’s what it’s grown to be; a tight knit group of people who care about each other, believe in each other, and encourage the genuine support of one and other. The beautiful, life changing people we’ve been able to meet at shows in all the different cities, meet & greets, around the scene, by happenstance, over Twitter, and any other random occurrence has been the most life altering and rewarding aspect of it all. It truly opened our eyes to the impact we want to have on our city; to be ambassadors of our state in our respective field and spread the positive intent & movement everywhere we go.
Nobody starts out perfect or remains that way at all times, but the pursuit of perfection with good intentions yield unbelievably positive results, and that’s something we’ve been fortunate enough to learn through our experience and try to practice it in our approach to everything. I get to work with my brother and longest best friend pursuing something we love. I’ve come to grow with these artists as my brothers, and everyone else that’s been so endearing and supportive along the way as family as well. That’s what inspires us daily. So, that’s what we want to document here; this entire experience. It’s been such an evolving concept and entity because you all have allowed us to grow and open the doors to unchartered territory littered with opportunities to flourish. Fully knowing that the support never wavers is what fuels us to continue to try and expand the culture while preserving the values that those that paved the way before us implemented and made it entirely possible for us to make the waves we’ve been fortunate enough to make. With so many wonderful progressions in what Pairadime and the Oklahoma City HipHop/Music Scene has been able to make lately, it’s time for this space to evolve as well.
First and foremost, we will always keep it a space that represents Oklahoma to the fullest extent as in everything we try and do. This will be a hub for the artists on PDMG, our label, and have info, music, and everything else you need from those artists; a one stop shop for everything Pairadime Music Radio with details on how to get your music played, reach out to us, get your projects on our calendar, and all of that; the Blog that was our gateway to so many things will remain a staple and you’ll see some new faces/writers around here on that end as well (Always looking to expand!); a gallery of experiences that will continue to encapsulate the unbelievable ride of our past, present and certainly the future moving forward; and the central store for everything PDMG & artist related as well as any shows we’re throwing or any collaborations we have lined up in the future with special consideration taken for all upcoming merchandise crafted specifically for those who have supported us thus far; designed with their feedback in mind for an authentic connection we want to continue to build on.
Thank you all again so much for being patient through this evolving movement and an idea that has already gone so far, but is just yet starting to scratching the surface on the full potential. The support, feedback, love, and continual spreading of what we’re doing will forever be our motivation and the true roots of why we continue to do what we love for who we love.

– Gray

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