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Pairadime Music Presents: Dex – Lab Rats (Video)

If this doesn’t make you stop and say “Woah Woah” once or 13 times, then I don’t know what will. Ryan Richardson x Jimi Wonder linked up to shoot this video for Dex, and they nailed it. Cameos from a whole lot of folks in this one. See if you can spot them. This is the lead song off of Dex’s upcoming album, “Moves”, and it’s produced by Billionaire Boyscout. Proud of everyone involved and really looking forward to more visuals from that combo. OKC!


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Pairadime Music Summer Showcase

Tonight we are having our Summer Showcase at Kamp’s that I highly recommend checking out. Come check out a bunch of incredible talent from Oklahoma City on stage tomorrow night. It features Mon, Frank Black, Studda Budda, Purple Mouth Bandits, Myke Brown, and Josh Sallee. There will also be a Special Guest Performance from BrainGang Blue (Producer of Kendrick Lamar’s “Pussy & Patron 1.5”, ScHoolboy Q’s “To Tha Beat”, Mac Miller’s “Down The Rabbit Hole”).

Doors are at 9:00 p.m. and we’ll get started at 10:00. It will be hosted by Dante Jordan and Beetyman. It’s only 10 bucks and we’ll be giving away 3 pairs of tickets to The Smokers Club on August 8th in OKC w/ Juicy J, Chevy Woods, Smoke DZA, Joey Bada$$, Doughbeezy, and Josh Sallee.

Tickets for tomorrow’s showcase are available here.


See everyone tonight.


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Pairadime Music Presents: Josh Sallee – Probable Flaws

One time, I’ma tell you how it is… If you recognize that quote from Josh’s single “Ride Out”, then you’re every bit as jacked up for this release as we are. Josh Sallee is here with his project, Probable Flaws. My dude Blev killed a ton of the production as did BrainGang Blue on the track “UpperDownerHolic”. There are two features; Joey Cool from Kansas City and my dude Roosh Williams over a solid track produced by Agent Orange. By solid track, I mean it might be my favorite one of them all. I’m certainly a fan of “Like Girl, Like Guy” and “Ew”.

I’ve gotten to be around for most of the project being made and I could not be more hype for my guy here. Josh has worked extremely hard and come a long way since the incredibly self-analyzing and transition album that was Return To Sender. This project is beaming with pride and confidence after putting a year of hard work in at an unrelenting pace. Josh is back with a better command of life, his music, and his message he plans to send out. From the beginning track which is the title track of the album, you’ll pick up right away you’re in for a hell of an album. I think Josh is an incredible representative and ambassador for our state musically and he has the drive to gain OKC serious, national recognition. He is someone I believe in a great deal and I feel like after giving this project a solid listen, you will too.


P.S. “Big Kid Bars” video coming soon…

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Oklahoma Gazette Feature on Pairadime Music

The Oklahoma Gazette wrote a pretty dope feature on us. Word to Matt Carney for the pic above and to Ryan Querbach for an awesome article. It touches on the movement and where we’ve come since starting the site. You can read the full thing here.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support. New music under here for today.



Catch Chip Tha Ripper with a live band along with XV in Tulsa tomorrow at Cain’s Ballroom 2nd Stage with performances from Josh Sallee and Meech as well. This show is going to be ridiculous.

This is an ALL AGES event!


The doors will be open at 7 and show begins at 8. Keep checking back here for more details.

Keep up with the following on Twitter for any updates:


Once again, TICKETS are available here:

pairadime Music Presents: Privaledge – The Playbook (Mixtape)

After a few delays and much anticipation, our main man Privaledge drops his mixtape that his hosted by Kevin Durant, James Harden, and DJ Skee. Priv has been in L.A. and Philly amongst other places this summer putting in work and the final touches on this dope project. My early favorites are the Waka assisted “This The Life” and the Kendrick Lamar joint over the Nicki Minaj beat is unreal. Clearly, Privaledge has enlisted some help from some major players in the game such as the aforementioned Waka and Kendrick, as well as Bei Major, Kidd Kidd, XXL Freshman YG, with production from CL McCoy, Lex Luger, Kevin Durant, and Jahlil Beats. Priv will be back in OKC sooner than you think and you’ll definitely be seeing some collabo work from us in the near future as well as him on the scene doing shows. I highly recommend checking this tape out.

Click the link to read more and check out the tracklist with the download link for the mixtape.

— GrayEffTee

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pairadime Music Presents: DOM KENNEDY LIVE IN OKC 9.9.11 @ KAMPS

It’s that time again… We are proud to be bringing you one of the dopest up and coming artists out of the West Coast, Dom Kennedy. Dom has been killing it out west and most recently released his latest project on iTunes, From The Westside With Love II. He will also be accompanied by the well renowned DJ Mr. Rogers.

The show will be at Kamps which is located at 1310 NW 25TH St. Oklahoma City, OK. Doors open at 9:00 p.m. and you must be 18 to enter. Opening acts include Josh Sallee, Roosh Williams, N-Dex, and Beetyman. Oklahoma City’s own Jabee will be hosting the event.

TICKETS are available here:

The pre-sale price will be available until the day of the show, so make sure and get them as soon as you can.

And keep up with us on twitter for ticket giveaways and updates.

Once again, you can get TICKETS at the following:


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pairadimeMusic Presents: Josh Sallee – Return To Sender

Very proud to be posting my dude Josh Sallee’s debut album. I know for a fact he’s put a lot of work into it and that shows through the content. The lyrics touch on everything from past relationships, being overlooked, friends committing suicide, and building a future with the team around him. Odds are if you’ve been out to any live show worth going to the past 8 months, you got to catch Josh live. You can really tell the progression from just another cat who raps to a full blown MC that has some serious crowd control and the bars to back it up. I’ve yet to meet anyone who hasn’t been blown away by Sallee’s performance, so make sure you check out his Release party tonight at Kamps.

More about this album though… He has some incredibly dope features from the beautiful and talented Cami Stinson, the always energetic MC Houston Boy, and one of my favorite OKLA artists there is, Dewey Binns, on a record I recommend paying close attention to. One thing you’ll walk away from the album really noticing is the absolute pristine production from Tyler Reid. This is as much his coming out party as Josh’s because the beats on this project are bananas. Any OKC MC’s that are serious about pursuing a career and need beats do not need to look far because this hometown cat really crushes it. Like I said, this is a project that I’m very proud to be presenting to everyone and really recommend checking it out. Dude is putting on for OKC and really deserves a lot of the success coming his way. Check out Josh Sallee’s debut album, Return To Sender, below right after the tracklist.


1. One Day
2. So Beautiful
3. I Know ft. Cami Stinson
4. Double Barrel ft. Dewey Binns
5. Out of It
6. The Collective
7. So Chill
8. Hey Darling ft. Houston Boy
9. A Benediction ft. Lauren Zuniga
10. Moments (Thank You)

DOWNLOAD: Josh Sallee – Return To Sender

Remember to come out to his release party at Kamps tonight at 9:30. The address is 1310 NW 25th (25th & Classen) and it is $5 at the door. There will also be performances by Myke Brown, PMB, Ronnie Harris, Beetyman, and The Rumor.

You must be 18 to enter. See everyone there!

Whattup Though?

Initially, I went into starting this blog as just an outlet to get my passion for music out some how. I didn’t really have a direction, but I knew that I wanted to share my thoughts about music because I felt overtime I had accumulated a perspective worth considering. Not one that I feel you must accept or follow, but one worth analyzing and taking into consideration with your own musical preferences. I also went into this blog fully planning on using it as an outlet to write as well. I feel like I’ve lived up to my end of the deal on the first objective but have fallen short in the second. Not that any of you noticed of course, but there have been many topics that I’ve felt like firing off 1000 words about either daily or weekly, but surely often. These topics range from why I think Lil Wayne is the best to the different types of Top 5’s you can have as your favorite artists and how I feel about certain artists and how they manage their public persona. I haven’t touched on these because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to break the surface with. I have been waiting for that perfect topic to touch upon and expound my thoughts more thoroughly. I finally came to that point.

There isn’t one.

Groundbreaking, huh? Not quite. But really though, I have not done myself a service by ignoring what I know ebbs throughout my entire conscience routinely. I guess it took me laying here restlessly for what must be an astrological number of nights to reach that point of realization that I just need to go with it. It could be that I’m feeling a sudden burst of ambition from listening to Kanye’s College Dropout instrumentals while rearranging my room at 3 in the morning. Who knows? Regardless, I’m going to start submitting a weekly (or bi-weekly depending on if we are throwing a show that weekend or not) column so-to-speak about my thoughts on the music industry whether it be on a local or national scale. It’s not going to be an extreme opinion just published for shock value and controversy ridden conversations and retorts. There’s no room for that here. I just want to touch on something weekly that I’ve either been thinking about for the moment, the week, that day, or any other time period that I feel could use some insight or at least a different look. It won’t take up a whole page or anything and will have a link to click on to keep reading much like the one at the end of this sentence. Continue reading